Stoneware Slip by Magnolia Molds

SS 01

Cream Stoneware Slip


SS 02

Reddish Brown Stoneware Slip


Stoneware Slip is boxed in 2 gal. boxes          
Price per Gal.

Stoneware has a "look" and "feel" that cannot be duplicated in a ceramic body. Pieces that are meant to be used and enjoyed through the years are cast in stoneware slip because of its durability. Velvet Stoneware slip complies with ASTM-D4236, and is rated NONTOXIC. Velvet Stoneware slip matures for use as ovenware or tableware and will hold water without glazing at cone 5. It is completely vitrified at cone 6. kitchenware can be used in the oven or in a microwave. It is very easy to cast, will not stain the molds, and is clean draining. Velvet Stoneware slip is available in a light cream and reddish brown color. IT is packaged in 2 gal. boxes. Shrinkage is 11-12 %, and is non-toxic.

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