M530  Cookie Jar Lid   12 lbs.  $24.00
M540  Cookie Jar   26lbs. $58.00
M531  Lg. Canister Lid  11lbs. $22.00
M541 Lg. Canister  21 lbs.  $47.00
M532  Med. Canister Lid  9lbs. $18.00
M542  Med. Canister  17lbs. $38.00
M533  Sm. Canister Lid   8 lbs.  $16.00
M543  Sm. Canister   14lbs. $35.00
M534  Ex. Sm. Canister Lid   6lbs. $12.00
M544  Ex. Sm. Canister   11 lbs.  $30.00
M539  Coffee Filter Holder  3 1/2" X 7"D  12lbs. $30.00
M531 Lid fits M539 $22.00

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