PT 1288  Lg. Stone Base  10lbs.  $25.00
PT 1289  Sm. Stone Base  7lbs.  $21.00
PT 1290  Oval Mission Vase  18lbs. $40.00
PT 1291  Oval Southwest Vase  20lbs.  $60.00
PT 1292  Sm. Oval Homestead Vase  11lbs. $30.00
PT 1293  Sm. Oval Hummingbird Vase  13lbs. $36.00
PT 1294  Oval Vase  18lbs. $40.00 NP
PT 1295  Oval Vase  20lbs. $45.00 NP
PT 1296  Sm. Oval Vase  11lbs. $30.00 NP
PT 1297  Small Oval Vase  13lbs. $35.00 NP
PT 1298  Oval Vase Lid  6lbs. $14.00
NP  Not Pictured

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